Vickers Microhardness Tester
Testing Equipment
Specifications Vickers Microhardness Tester
Test load (A type)
mN: 98.07 245.2 490.3 980.7 1,961 2,942 4,903 9,807
gf: 10 25 50 100 200 300 500 1000
Loading mechanism Automatic load and release method
Load applying speed 50µm/sec
Dwell time 5~99sec
Turret mechanism Manual
Diamond indenter Standard :Vickers indenter(HV)
Object lens Standard: 2 lenses(x 50 & x10)
Eyepiece x10
Measuring microscope Type: Electronic
Max. measurement length: In case of x 100: 850 m / In case of x 500: 170 µm
Min. graduation: Digital:0.1µ um(In case of x 500)
Min. measurement unit: Digital:0.1 µm(In case of x 500)
X-Y Stage Type: Manual
Dimensons: 100x100mm
Max. movement: (X)25x(Y)25mm
Min. micro graduation: 1/100mm
Precision vise (Max. opening) 50mm
Max. height of specimen 95mm
Max. depth of specimen 115mm
Availble test parameter HV / HK
Operation panel(sheet sw for type 100 /300 & touch panel sw for type 700) Start/reaset/dwell time/light up-down/turret rotation(for auto-turrettype)
Date display (LED for Type 100/300 & LCD for Type 700) D1/D2/HV-HK/hardness value/loading/OK-NG criteria
Date output & Print out RS232C/centronics(D1/D2/HV-HK/test load/OK-NG)
OK/NG criteria Limit setting and HI/OK display
Light source 6V/18W
Optical function Aperture diaphragm/Field aperture/Color filter: Replaceable
Accuracy Conform to JIS B-7734/B-7725, ASTM E-384, and ISO/DIS 6507-2
Photographic device Capable to mount at anytime on the top of the machine (Camera: Option)
Dimensions (W)186x(D)450x(H)504mm
Weight Approx. 40kg(Including standard accessories)
Power supply Japan: Single phase AC 100V 50/60Hz Overseas: Single phase AC 100~240V 50/60Hz (Should be specified before shipment)

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