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    More Than 35 Years of Processing Experiences

    Located in Taichung City, Taiwan, Asia, and Sharp-eyed is Taiwan's largest professional foundry of precision parts and surface treatment. We continuously improve the quality of CNC customized processed products and technology of CNC precision processed parts.

    We believe that only with our improvement of capabilities can provide customers with professional and excellent OEM services.

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    Provide Full Process of Precision Parts
    Complete solutions for foundry services and consulting

    The processing industries include automation industry, medical industry, automobile industry, motorcycle industry and bicycle industry.

    In addition to the above process, it also includes a clean room/ automatic optical screening machine/ three-dimensional and scanning profile measurement/ X-ray fluorescence analyzer/ coating thickness meter/ hardness tester/ salt spray test/ Keyence automatic size measurement and other measurement systems beyond the industry.

"Serious, Responsible, and Customer-Oriented" Fine Tradition for More Than 30 Years

Sharp-eyed has cooperated with customers all over the world. We have a complete production line, and the processed parts and accessories we manufacture have obtained the international certifications and passed various high-standard inspections to meet the needs of various industries.

We know that only products with stable quality and professional production can meet the current global competitive market. From the entry of raw materials into the factory to the packaging and shipment of products, we have always stood in the position of customers and insisted on delivering only the best finished products, because we firmly believe that "quality is the starting point of value and dignity."

In addition to the high requirements for product testing, we have also established a "reliability laboratory", which covers all products from full-scale measurement, torsion test, surface roughness test, hardness test, salt spray test to harmful substances screening to achieve the strictest checks. The trust of customers is the embodiment of the highest value of our company. Choose Sharp-eyed service would be the best cooperative decision.

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