A-KING Surface Treatment Co., Ltd.-Electroless Nickel Plating
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Sharp-Eyed's systems include a plant of post-process surface treatment, located in Changbin Industrial Park, Taiwan. The plant is dedicated to the process of Electroless Nickel Deposition, a chemical plating, which requires no electric current introduced, and, instead, lets metal nickel that has been reduced from nickel ions by the reducer in electroplating solution deposit on the surface of the substrate that is catalytically active. Once the first layer of nickel is deposited, it in turn catalyzes a next layer in reduction and deposition; as such, Electroless Nickel Deposition is also called as Autocatalytic nickel plating.

Without electric current running through, the thickness of coating is not affected by the distribution of current density; thus, the process meets the requirement of homogeneous coating thickness on workpieces of complex geometric shapes. While suitable metals of workpiece for electroless nickel deposition include iron, nickel and precious metals (like palladium), other materials like copper, steel, ceramics, plastics and silicon semiconductor can be treated by this plating with proper pre-treatments.

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