2D Optical Vision Measuring Machine
Testing Equipment
Specification 2D Optical Vision Measuring Machine
Measuring Volume(XYZ) 300x200x200mm
External Dimensions 670x900x1880mm
Weight 400kg
Capacity 30kg
Ways X& Y Linear Motion
Stage Material Cast Iron
Base Material Precise Granite Base
XY Accuracy U=( 3+L/200 )μm
XY Repeatability < 2 µm
Encoder Resolution 1.0 µm
Motion Control Servo Motor, Mouse and Joystick
Optical Zoom Automatic
Lens Focus Auto Focus
Video Color
Profile Light Programmable Adjustable LEDs
Surface Light Programmable Adjustable LEDs
Magnification Optical :0.7-4.5X Video: 22X-145X (17" monitor)
Software iMaGeo Metrology Software
Environmental 20º C (68º F) +/-3º, 35-65% Humidity
Power AC 90-240±5V、50Hz

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