Processing Equipment
Processing Equipment

Four main manufacturing processes (production equipment) : Turning and Milling-Turret-Type Super Multitasking Machine / Milling / High-Speed Engraving / Electroless Nickel Plating.

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    Equipment by AR/ Environment by VR

    Turning and Milling-Turret-Type Super Multitasking Machine, Milling, High-Speed Engraving Machine, Electroless Nickel Plating Equipment.

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    Turning and Milling-Turret-Type Super Multitasking Machine

    Machine features: Japanese High-Speed / compact multitasking machine, Sharp-Eyed acquired in 2017 is equipped with double spindles/duo powered turrets. Incorporates 7.1/2.2kw Driven-tool motor of max 16N-m, and 6,000 rpm driven-tool. Incorporates 12-angle tool stations for 48(24+24) lathe tools or 24(12+12) milling tools.

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    Sharp-Eyed Vertical milling machine processing, machine feature: Spindle(optional)rpm: 12,000 rpm / 18.5KW, Travel: X:1020mm / Y:520mm / Z:540mm, Bi-directional random-rotation magazine design allows the shortest tool selecting path. 24T automatic tool changing system, but extendable to 40T when required by the process, and Axial feeding by means of the high-precision ball screw.

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    High-Speed Engraving Machine

    High-Speed engraving process, machine feature: 60,000-PRM built-in high-speed spindle. Tool ATC uses a machine coordinate tool system to prevent tool errors during tool change and chaotic situations. The machine is built of high-rigidity casting, and incorporates three axes with rapid displacement up to 20m/min, allowing more stable cutting performance.

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    Electroless Nickel Plating Equipment

    Sharp-Eyed's systems include a plant of post-process surface treatment, located in Changbin Industrial Park, Taiwan. The plant is dedicated to the process of Electric current introduced. And instead, lets metal nickel that has been reduced from nickel ions by the reducer in electroplating solution deposit on the surface of the substrate that is catalytically active. Once the first layer of nickel is.
    Step 1: Thermal degreasing
    Step 2: Ultrasonic cleaning
    Step 3: Electroless nickel

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