High-Speed Engraving Machine
Processing Equipment

High-Speed engraving process, machine feature: 60,000-PRM built-in high-speed spindle. Tool ATC uses a machine coordinate tool system to prevent tool errors during tool change and chaotic situations. The machine is built of high-rigidity casting, and incorporates three axes with rapid displacement up to 20m/min, allowing more stable cutting performance.


  • High-speed engraving machine


  1. Built-in high-speed spindle at 60000RPM.
  2. 8-tool automatic tool change magazine, adopting mechanical coordinate tool magazine to prevent the occurrence of chaotic tools
  3. The three-axis adopts low-inertia and high-torque motor for three-axis control, and three-axis synchronous engraving and milling.
  4. Completed PLC man-machine interface, so that each alarm message can be fully detected and presented.
Controller MITSUBISHI M80 Series
X, Y, Z axis travel 420*400*200 mm
X, Y, Z rapid traverse 20,000 mm/min
Workbench area 420*400 mm
Workbench load 300 kgs
Distance from spindle to Workbench 75 - 275 mm
Spindle speed 15000-55000 rpm
Spindle power 2.7 kw
Spindle hole taper ISO-10
Number of tools for automatic tool change 12 T Disc Umbrella Tool Magazine
Tool shank diameter φ7
Tool length measuring device Contact type P21
Machine size 1400*1450*1890 mm
Machine weight 1500 kgs
Power capacity 10 kva
Source of air pressure 6 kgs/cm²

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