Processing Equipment

Sharp-Eyed Vertical milling machine processing, machine feature: Spindle(optional)rpm: 12,000 rpm / 18.5KW, Travel: X:1020mm / Y:520mm / Z:540mm, Bi-directional random-rotation magazine design allows the shortest tool selecting path. 24T automatic tool changing system, but extendable to 40T when required by the process, and Axial feeding by means of the high-precision ball screw.


  • Milling machine


  1. The tool magazine design with bidirectional random rotation can obtain the shortest tool selection path.
  2. The axial feed adopts high-precision ball screws, which are pre-drawn and directly driven by a servo motor, which effectively eliminates axial backlash and vibration problems.
Standard YCM self-made spindle/high rigid structure design/high stability tool magazine.
Spindle speed 12,000  rpm
Maximum spindle motor power 18.5 kW
Slope of spindle end hole BBT40
X, Y, Z axis travel 1,020*520*540 mm
Distance from spindle nose to workbench surface 140~680 mm
Workbench size 1,120 x 520 mm
T-slot size 5 x 18 x100 mm
Maximum average load of workbench 500 kg
Fast escort speed (X/Y/Z) 48/48/32 mm/min.
Cutting speed 1~20,000 mm/min.
Number of tools 24 (30/40)
Tool weight 6 kg/pc
Maximum tool size (when there is no tool nearby) 24T : ø90 x 300 (ø140 x 300) 30T/40T : ø76 x 300 (ø125 x 300)

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