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Sharp-Eyed's CNC machining parts processing materials that can be manufactured include the following::Copper: C1100, C2600, C3604, C6801, C6802 / Iron: 1144, 12L14, 1215 / Aluminum: 2011, 6061, 6082, 7075 / Stainless steel: SUS303, SUS304, SUS316, SUS416, SUS420, SUS430
If you have any other metal precision parts processing requirements other than the above, please contact us for further inquiry.

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    Manufacturing of Brass inserts Processed Parts

    Sharp-eyed constantly improves its capability to satisfy every customer’s needs as the application of metal in engineering design is on the increase. Besides standard inserts for metal, Sharp-eyed also manufactures custom brass insert nuts, brass turned parts. In the process of developing a new product, our team will assist you with prompt and precise sample making. Proper advice will also be given to help you speed up the research and development of new products. Sharp-eyed's annual production for brass inserts is about 150 million pieces.

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    Manufacturing of Sheet Metal Fastener

    Sharp-Eyed is a professional and experienced OEM fastener manufacturer, dedicated to the development and production of iron plate nut processing parts, from raw material processing, cold heading, thread roller, thread testing, heat treatment, screw tension testing, to screw surface treatment cover the entire screw production line.

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    Manufacturing of CNC Machining Parts (CNC parts)

    Sharp-Eyed has excellent CNC machining technology, can process all kinds of precision parts of metal or other materials. The cutting surface of CNC precision machining components has finer tolerances than traditional lathes. Sharp-Eyed can according to the customer's drawings or requirements, precision processed though CNC turning and milling machines technology.

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    Manufacturing of Casting & Forging Parts

    Sharp-Eyed is one of Taiwan's leading investment casting and Forging manufacturers. We can provide widely investment casting and forging solutions for complex precision parts, such as machinery parts, machining automotive parts, medical parts, and food machinery parts.

    Sharp-Eyed has excellent casting and forging parts processing parts and OEM precision forging capabilities. Sharp-Eyed providing customers with excellent forging solutions, mastering the characteristics of forged parts, plastically deforming by applying pressure to metal into required object shape;To using casting technology smelting liquid metal, casting parts according to the mold.

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    Manufacturing of Finishing Process

    Sharp-Eyed has a post-process surface treatment factory that performs surface treatment for various types of CNC machining parts. The main technology is electro less nickel plating. Through a professional post-treatment team, anodizing is performed according to the characteristics of the product. Metal passivation is to increase the thickness of the oxide layer, to protect metal objects from corrosion and abrasion. Extend the product life of customized metal parts through professional post-processing technology.

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