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Reliability Lab

Turnkey automated optical measurement system




  1. Optical Technologies for Achieving "Place-and-Press" Measurement.
  2. Pattern search for automatic location and orientation correction.
  3. Simultaneous measurement of all features by capturing an entire part.
  4. Batch measurement for further reduction in measurement time.
Field of view (X , Y)The Wide-Field Model gives us a 200mm x 100mm field of view to fit even more parts.
Measurement accuracy±5 μm
Repetition accuracy±1 μm
Eliminating Operator Error1. Sub-pixel processing for measurement down to one hundredth or less of one pixel.
Eliminating Operator Error2. A line or circle is recognized using 100 or more points.
Easy Data Management1. Automatic calculation of major statistical values.
Easy Data Management2. Trend graph/histogram functions for on-site analysis of product trends and variations.