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Reliability Lab

Auto Optical Sorting Machine  


Fastener / micro-parts AOI machineX4

Inspect size

M3-M16 standard

Machine spec

1065mm(L)× 860mm(W)× 1,855mm(H)

Vision system

Highly magnified CCD camera / light source sets


Accuvision Pro-V II version 2.2

Supply and output

Feeding bowl / linear track / sorting bins (Good/NG)

Inspection spec

Any fastener may steadily stand on the platform via supply track can be inspected

Special spec.

At buyer's demand, ODM design

Cycle rate

Depending on feeding system, est. 600/min for M3 nut


AC 220 - 240V / 50Hz

Computer system

4U industrial IPC computer set / 500KW UPS back up / PLC control system

Inspection criteria

astener parts head width / height / pinhole depth / recess shape / burr in recess / spiral thread / thread I.D. / thread E.D./ neck length / shank vertical / screw length / first thread / drunk thread / head crack / plating / insert nut thread / burr / dimension / etc.

Add-on features

Statistic inspection data analysis / defective analysis / SPC charts / report data output by Word or Excel file format / support remote management / CAI computer aided instruction / user friendly GUI graphic user interface / advanced user defined GUI parameters


  1. Automatic counting and packaging without extra labor request.




1,500mm x 900mm x 700mm

Machine weight



AC 220V ~ 240V