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With sharper eyes,comes greater precision.
Certificate more+
Production Expertise
  • SharpEyed AR&3D - Compound lathe and milling process.

  • SharpEyed AR&3D -Vertical milling machine - The processing tool's advance and retreat paths.

  • SharpEyed AR&3D - High-speed engraving - 60,000RPM curved/plane graphic stable depth process.

  • SharpEyed AR&3D - Chemical nickel surface treatment.


"Hardworking, Responsibility, and Customer First" are the traditional mottos we have stood on for decades. It requires stable and professional products to fit into this competitive global market. And that's why Sharp-Eyed insists on delivering only the best of the best to our customers. We truly know that "Quality is the starting point of value and respect." In order to assure product quality, we established the Reliability Laboratory to execute all...