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Reliability Lab

High speed engraving Machine

High Speed Panel Processing Machine that Sharp-Eyed uses:

  1. 60000-RPM built-in high-speed spindle.
  2. 8-tool ATC, uses machine coordinate tool system to prevent tool errors during tool change and chaotic situations.
  3. The machine is built of high-rigidity casting, and incorporates three axes with rapid displacement up to 20m/min, allowing more stable cutting performance.
  4. Hermetic separation of electrical heat cabinet, which effectively isolates from heat, grease, and helps increase the stability and life of the machinec.
  5. MITSUBISHI M70 High-end control system incorporated.
  6. Three axes, controlled by low-inertia, high-torque motor, are capable of simultaneous engraving and milling.
  7. Ultimate PLC human machine interface detects and display well every warning message.