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Reliability Lab

Multi-Tasking compact machine featuring state of the are capabilitise

Japanese High-speed /compact multitasking machine Sharp-Eyed acquired in 2017 is equipped with double spindles/duo powered turrets.

  1. incorporates 62mm(±32mm)-travel Y-axis on both turrets.
  2. incorporates 7.1/2.2kW Driven-tool motor of max. 16N-m, and 6,000 rpm driven-tool.
  3. incorporates 12-angle tool stations for 48 (24 + 24) lathe tools or 24 (12 + 12) milling tools.
  4. Spindle motor of 11/7.5kW on the left + 11/72kW on the right, totaling 22 / 15kW of cutting when both motors at work.
  5. Opposed duo spindles, capable of simultaneous work, saves process time!