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Reliability Lab

Desk-Top X-ray Fluorescent Analyzer

  1. The device is equipped with a detector that does not require liquid nitrogen, improving usability and maintainability.
  2. Achieved minimum limit of detection to a few ppm, while also reducing measuring time by half the conventional time using DSP (Digital Signal Processor).
  3. With a sample chamber measuring 370mm x 320mm x 155mm, large samples can be measured in a nondestructive manner.
  4. Adoption of a large detector, and dextremely shortening the distance between the detector and a sample resulted in effective detection of X-ray. Achieving the sensitivity surpassing Si(Li) detector.
  5. Compliant with measurement of small amounts of Cd, Pb, Hg, Br and Cr banned by the EU's RoHS directive.
  6. Correction mechanism allows measurements regardless of the plastic's shape, thickness or area.
  7. Automatically measures maximum of 12 samples with the sample changer (optional).
  8. Attaching the manual stage makes delicate alignments possible.
  9. Equipped with hazardous metals data management mechanism that makes comparison between detailed sample data and measurement results easy.
  10. Links with Microsoft Word® to easily create reports.


Desk-Top X-ray Fluorescent Analyzer

Elements Measured

Atomic numbers 13 (Al) through 92 (U)

Sample Forms

Solid, Fine Particles, Liquids
Si Semiconductor Detector (no liquid nitrogen required)

Irradiation Area

Round 1mm and 5mm

Sample Observation

Color CCD Camera


4 modes automatically switched

X-ray Station

Notebook or desktop PC


Inkjet Printer

Quantitative Analysis Functions

Spectrum measurement, Automatic identification, Comparison display

Qualitative Analysis Functions

Bulk FP method, Calibration curve method, KLM marker display, Subtraction display

Coating Thickness Tester

Au, Ag, Pd, Sn, Cr, Ni, Zn, Cu

Statistics Processing

Microsoft® Excel installed

Report Creation

Microsoft® Word installed

Power Supply

AC 100~120V, 200~240V plus or minus 10%, 5A